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Miss Caton - The Most Confused Person In The World?

Miss Caton is often to be found wandering the extension corridor running her fingers through her 'Betty Spaghetti' yet lovely-like hair asking students whether her form has assembly or often where her form is and even where she is. This absent-mindedness is a classic trait of the Cat-One who is believed to have been found in the school basement having forgotten her past carreer as a police officer. Morris was quick to jump at the chance to take advantage of her and employ her as a psychology teacher.


Miss Caton is a psycholgy teacher and ex-Police Officer. Miss Caton is extremely tall for a woman and can cross most average sized classrooms in just a few steps. She is also a yoga fanatic and has in past instances got pupils to join her in some particular moves, her favourite being the "sitting dog" (let's not go there). She is prone to random outbursts of orgasmic moaning often taking place whilst she is texting on her phone. Also she laughs to herself at what would appear to be nothing. She always seems to plan her lesson so they are shorter than the full hour, giving her and her classes time to "sit and chat".


"One day, I woke up feeling really miserable, for no apparent reason. The next day, I woke up feeling *hand gestures* whay! I'm on top of the world! We are not a pigeon!" (what?)

"eyyyyyyyy,clean that up!"

"Who, what? When? Where? WILL!!! JAKE!! No...what was the question?"



In the academic year beginning September 2004, Miss Caton had an interesting and slightly amusing habit of uttering sounds corresponding to "M'kay", what could only be described as far too much. At its peak, 105 instances were recorded in a 60 minute lesson. This fixation has, thankfully, subsided.