Hannah Johnson

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Famously known as Hamm, a nickname created when Rachael Ormston kept shouting "Han" repeatedly which turned slowly into "Ham".

Hamm's Quotes

  • (Whilst speaking about that car made out of cake)"So, does it actually work then?"
  • "I'm not eating this side of the bannana.. its slightly bruised!"
  • "NO. I ONLY PULLED DAWSON ONCE. Okay three times.. but I was DRUNK.."
  • "Can you get a suntan from the moon?"
  • "I've had a glass of wine. No make that a bottle.."
  • "NEEEMEMEMEMMEMEMEMEME!" (Usually the sound made when she's tickled)
  • "No Rachael.. thats an advert for Testicular cancer.. NOT Test Icicles new album!"
  • "Rachael is DUMB. YES. DUMB WITH A B!"

Where To Find Her

On weekends used to be found stumbling round Manchester Academy with Rachael, Em and the rest of their cronies, also known as the "Soz Ard Crew" but basically just a load of rowdy lads from Stockport. Has now upgraded and now be found drinking pints in "New Union" on Canal Street.