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10B are a close knit form of 30 people.
As they live (in general) furthest away from the school, they are the best form by far in almost every respect, they get the most merits, win at most sports, win athletics etc...
Though they are there for each other they are clearly seperate into groups.
You have:
"The Lads With at Least Half a Brain Cell" - the lads that don't show off or do stupid things for attention. They don't get on well with the normal lads. They stay quiet unless defending themselves from an amazing verbal attack from the normal lads, and let the normal lads get the form in trouble and generally piss people off, rather than suck up to anybody.
"The normal lads" - These are the lads who are considered to be the more idiotic and are the more popular male specimins of the form.
"The Moshers" - consists of girls who aren't particularly popular but aren't hated either.
"The Popular Girls" - The majority of this lot are part of some school sports team, usually netball and possibly hockey and basketball.

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