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10R are a group of close-knit friends who are caring and loved by all. Or not. We've kicked holes in walls, been thrown out of form rooms, made holes in ceilings, damaged imaginary video players and driven Mrs. Etherington to insanity. All we have left to do now is make a hole in the floor.(which, thinking about it, we did! Room 65 bears much evidence of our need to stab holes in floors!) We are loved by many teachers for our welcoming and friendly aura apart from the odd teacher who can't bear to be in the same room of us for more than a few minutes, shame when some of them have taught us in the past. We often take in members of other forms when they are feeling lost and wanderly. We are not the brightest form, common legend is that the 'R' actually stands for 'retards'. But, we are proud of our long standing victory of being possibly the loudest form in the whole school.

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