Adam Hathaway

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Adam Hathaway

Adam Hathaway is a strange boy, known for many strange acts and general faked gayness. However convincing his gayness may be, he assures that he isn't actually gay, or bisexual for that matter.

He is currently in Year 13.

He is a great fan of the Anime "Bleach" of whom his favourite character is Renji Abarai, a crimson haired shinigami, who Adam believes is most like him in attitude and Behaviour. However, this has been disproved by him taking three DIFFERENT Bleach personality tests, and getting Uryuu Ishida each time, although uryuu is also a great character, Adam was severely dissapointed with this results. He also watches another anime "Death note" which he makes sure he watches each time the english dub is released, his favourite episode so far is episode 24 "revival", as it is just plain awesome..... Light is Kira again *grins* He has taken a Death note personality test as well, and thought he would get light, as he shares his views on how the world should be, and what to do witha death note. However, to his great surprise he got L, no matter how he put his answers truthfully.

He also likes the T.V show "Scrubs", so he decided to take a personality test for that as well, and shamingly, got Ted each time he tried, eventually got a more pleasing result of the Janitor... House is one of the best shows on television according to Adam.

Makes random cat noises, such as "meowing" and hissing.

Until early on in Year 10, he was going out with Dawn Henry in 04N. After about 2 months, he then went out with Rachel Bond from 04N, however after 5 weeks, they broke up. He is now going out with a girl named Kay, currently in Year 12


Adam is a frequent member of Enchanted Sanctum, a Harry Potter Fan-site forum. However, he doesn't go on it for the HP relatedness, he goes on for the RP and games. (No matter how bad he is at them) His RP Characters are [1] Charles Graham, Lauren Fortunato, Emanuel Josef Sampson, Raven Sasura, Alfonso Swan.

He goes on 2 other forums, one other HP related forum, and is deputy-head master currently ruling voer as the headmistress is away

He also goes on a Jane Austen forum, even though he doesn't get it at all.

Favourite and most hated bands

favourite: Linkin Park, Paramore, Bowling for soup, Fall out boy, 30 seconds to mars, Lesley Roy.

Hated: Rihanna, Justin timberlake, screw that, all pop, and R&B...


School life

Yr.7 in Year 7, Adam Hathaway was a very strange and unnatural boy, with only one friend, this was Dale Whitaker, he hated latin but scraped through. He was very depressive in this year.

Yr.8 Once again, not a very good year, he did not have many friends, but at least he had more than one. This was the first year where he failed a test, it was his Technology test.

Yr.9 His best year in school so far, it was this year that he had started going out with Dawn Henry, and went to the famous Year 9 Camp. He had most friends in this year. such as Jason Ngan, Rachel Bond, Zak Richardson,Dale Whitaker, Kieron Moore and others. He failed his Tech test in this year as well.