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Mrs Sawle The Teacher... of the Maths!

Most commonly known as Miss Bartram before she married Adam in summer 2006, she is obsessed with Alton Towers. Is a maths teacher who seems to be in room 56 all the time.

She finds Shane, Luke, Matt and Usman very annoying because of their constant chattering and forgetting homework and equipment.

Has an obsession with singing random maths songs - mainly "Half The Sum Of The Parallel Sides, Times The Distance Between Them." to the tune of an ice cream van.


  • " be handed in TOMORROW MORNING - WITHOUT FAIL!"
  • "MANDORA the Probability explorer. Remember?"
  • "I love molly, she looks at me in this way...
  • AHHHHH she sed that?!


Ollie coughs

Mrs Sawle spins round at lightening speed and says 'What ARE you doing? Will you stop it?'

Ollie: I was coughing...I have hayfever Miss.

Mrs Sawle: Well, stop it

The whole class starts coughing

Mrs Sawle: Has everyone got hayfever now?

Boy swinging back on chair

MS: Please don't swing back on your chair. Did you know that wherever you injure yourself on your head it always sprays out?

Boy: No Miss

MS: Well, as a qualified first aider, I would have to deal with YOUR blood. And then you would be covered in vomit as well!

Usman swings back on chair

MS: Did the blood story not teach you anything? Chloe, tell him. It'll be you covered in his blood.

Look of horror comes over Chloe's face.

Tells people that are swinging on their chair that they will be stood up for the rest of the lesson if they do it again, but never actually makes them stand up.

Walks into a year 8 set 1 maths lesson a bit late so everyone is being really loud and messing around. Tells everyone to stay still then says to Matthew & a person (who is under the table picking up his stuff) "This is not acceptable behaviour - do you understand?!" Matthew says yes. Micah, who is still under the table nods, then Mrs Sawle goes mad saying "WHAT ARE YOU DOING UNDER THAT TABLE - GET UP NOW!!

When teaching her Year 9 set trig: "I have a rude rhyme to help you remember. It's a bit offensive...should I tell you? Yes! I think it's brilliant! 'The Old Arab Sat On His Camel And Humped' *laughs like a maniac* OHMY!! AH it's so funny! Do you get it? Camel...HUMPED!?"

  • Class is silent*
  • In the middle of teaching her Year 9 Maths set , she randomly shouts, "NICOLE, TAKE ALL YOUR CLOTHES OFF!".
  • Halfway into teaching Year 7's:

"Oooooooooooooh! I was thinking about you in the shower this morning!" *Points to unexpectant boy, whose cheeks go bright red* *Class laughs like mad*

  • A boy opens the classroom door in the middle of a lesson and says, "Sorry, wrong room." and promptly leaves.

Mrs. Sawle: "Oh, I don't like him. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to say that."