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Mr Vass is an ICT/Computing teacher who is currently the form tutor of 07N.


Mr Vass is one Computing teacher who knows what he's on about - teaching his class the correct work! He also likes to prepare for his classes and has mastered the art of writing on an electronic board. He is also a teacher for the school's Critical Thinking course.

  • What he says usually has no importance, unless your future job is involved greatly with excel.
  • Most of his work is involved with digitalbrain(or now moodle), his best friend.
  • Has extremely large feet (size 14)
  • Has a habit of playing Pingu and pretending to be looking at students computers. Unfortunately for him, he forgot to turn off the interactive white board and everybody saw... and to make it worse, the brillaint and sly class of 9g filmed it and showed it to whole school assmebly. Now who said this guy wasn't funny?? And that video definitely wasn't faked.
  • Has once been known to try and teach Maths in binary code to students, but this has yet to be proven, as only one student lives to tell the tale... although with scarred memories.


  • Vass: "Why don't you give it flashing eyes?"

Student: "It's not supposed to have flashing eyes!" (in an annoyed voice as though he were about to cry)

Vass: "I just thought it would look better with flashing eyes."

Student: "It doesn't have flashing eyes!" (in the same voice as before)

Vass: "I'm sorry if I've in some way insulted you and your creature."

  • Is anybody eating in here? I smell fragranced crisps!!
  • Student: "Sir, who is your your favourite musician?"

Vass: "Its hard to say, I like all sorts; George Michael, Kylie....but I think my favourite has to be Madonna."

  • Vass stubs toe on table leg

Vass: I wish I didn't have such big feet.

  • Wez:"Does that mean you get more mahoney?" (saying 'money' like the Churchill dog)

Mr.Vass: "Mahoney?"

Wez: "You know, Mahoney...COINAGE -rubs fingers together-

Mr Vass: -blank looks-

Wez: oh nevermind.

  • I'll have a look in a minute, Shane
  • "Oh I forgot, remind me later will you? ________"