Lauren Newsham

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She is best friends with Mica, Livia and Lydia who are also in her form. She is very loud and has a funny laugh. She has very curly brown hair and blue eyes. She is a big stress but her friends like her anyway or do they? She had a massive stress about pasta - She was in the canteen one time and both her and Lydia (also in 8R) had tomato pasta bake for their lunch. Lauren started to have a hissy fit because Lydia had more pasta than her, she even went to the extreme of storming out of the canteen. The expression on her face was priceless!

Lauren thinks that some things are hilariously funny. For example, in English, when Miss Taylor asked if anyone new where 'tartar's lived Mica turned around and said 'tartarland'. At things which she thinks are funny she can not stop laughing for approximately 15 minutes. This really annoys Sam Parkinson (also in 8R).

Mica ounce shouted "Car!" in the middle of IT which made Lauren laugh for ages. Even now she still laughs if someone says it to her. She was so hyper that she even laughed at the alphabet!