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One of the most lanky of the 6th formers around, Rob is now a benchmark for appaulingly bad jokes. This is one of the few things that he prides himself on, especially his made-up ones.

Rob Pilling

Rob Pilling is, in short, a "genius". His ability to come up with a joke (of varying degrees of quality ranging from "gut-wrenchingly hilarious" to "down-right appalling") at short notice is the most famous branch of his ability. He is affectionaly know as a nice fellow, some may say man, due to his friendly mannar and the common means he uses to make new acquaintances (raising his thumb and grinning at said person across a crowded room). Other aliases under which Rob has gone include "Silent Bob", "Well Endowed", "Semi", "Semi MCP", "Rob-and-Pillage" and "Hey Get Your Lanky Self Away From Me".

Also Rob has an infallible ability to sneak into any picture ever taken. Some examples follow. --->

A Link to *drumroll please*, "Rob's Maths Lesson Jokes".

Example 1-Rob tactically interupting a picture of lenny while trying to get his Pink Hat back.
Example 2-Rob at the Leavers Do, displaying his incredibly lanky finger.
File:Rob meets hitler.JPG
Example 3-Rob amazed many when he told of how he had met Hitler (appearently the two never got on well).
Example 4-Rob Depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry, at the Battle of Hastings, 1066.
Example 5-Contrary to Popular Belif, Rob Actually Beat Yuri Gagarin in the Space Race.
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Example 6-Rob was actually edited out of the final edition of the Mona Lisa, but here is the original, with Rob in it.


Some of the jokes listed bellow are Rob's and he likes them:

  • Rob: "Why did the scarecrow win the nobel prize?"

(bemused look from all who heard him)

Rob: "Because he was outstanding in his field!"

  • Rob: "What did the constipated mathematician do?"

Crowd: "Hmm, I dont know!"

Rob: "He worked it out with a pencil."

Crowd: "Eeew." (Except a small niche of the lower common room crew who are rolling around on the floor.)

A recent addition to Rob's favourite jokes is:

  • Rob: "What did Spock find in the Enterprise's toilet?"

Small Group of Friends/Sympathisers who remain: "Go on..."

Rob: "The Captain's Log!"

Small Group of Friends/Sympathisers who remain: "Right, we're off" Rob is now left deserted. *Tumbleweed Floats Past*

And what is described as a "side splitter" by one Joseph Burrow;

  • Rob: "What is Jaws' Grandfather called?"

12DX Set: *sigh* "Go on..."

Rob: "Gums!"

Rob is also a member of the 12DX maths set, and, to the delight of its occupants, has told a joke every single lesson, since the beginning of term, without fail, to the group who sit on the right hand side in Room M2 or whatever its called. Here is a fully compiled list of those jokes. (Except a few which are lost in the mists of time)

More Facts

  • Contrary to popular belif, Rob has never actually had a girlfriend, despite his handsome looks, and charming aroma.
  • He is currently 6"4', however this measurement was taken a few weeks ago, so it could have increased since then...
  • Rob can usually be found either in bed, at school or playing Half Life mods/other general games depending on the time of day.
  • Rob has never been in the Upper Common Room apart from in Assemblies, and is currently planning a complex plan which envolves a guy, a thing, a rubber chicken suit and quite a large crane, so he can steal a pool table for the Lower Common Room, since they only have one.

Common Occurances

  • Rob likes to tell the same joke over and over and over and over again. One of the most famous of these has been known to drive Steven Albertson to the brink of insanity in a two year period of Maths lessons as they shared the same set...

Rob: "Hey wanna to hear a joke?"

Steven: "Alright then."

Rob: "What do you call a sleeping bull?"

Steven: "I don't know; what do you call a slepping bull?"

Rob: "A Bulldozer."

Although a joke of Rob's usually genius standard over two years of continuous use of this joke for every Maths lesson the telling of this joke fell to this...

Rob: "Hey wanna to hear a joke?"

Steven: "Erm..."

Rob: "What do you call a..."

Steven: "Aaarrrggghhh!"

At which point Rob is caught in the midst of an ineffable rage of fury eminating from the enraged Steven Albertson.

  • Another infuritaing thing that Rob has discovered is that calculators are there to annoy and prolong his Maths lesson.

After typing...

5÷12 or 5/12

(or any random fraction) into a calculator, the calculator replies with the exact same answer


and Rob can be heard "rargh" in his frustration as he attacks the calculator.


Rob goes to school as a happy chappy, as he enjoys all of his subjects.

One of Rob's most legendary tales begins in one maths lesson.

Mrs Gregson: "Do this that and the other for homework."

Rob, clearly misunderstanding The Gregson, accidentally did all of next lesson's work for homework. When he turned up next lesson, and Mrs Gregson set the work, upon discovering that he had already done it all, he skillfully sat there and did nothing, apart from occasionally ask Jonny (Nova): "Did you get 5 for that answer?" or "That was a tough question wasn't it?" to keep up the facade of him doing work. This, in addition to Mrs Gregson's lecturing of Nova about his "slapdash" work, almost killed Joe Burrow, by asphyxiation, as he could not control his laughter.


  • "Who wants to hear a joke?"
  • *shakes fist*
  • i see