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Daniel Marshall was a student in 02G at BRGS, coming from St. John's and St. Michael's Primary School, along with friend Chris Holdsworth-Swan, he came to BRGS and joined 7G, where he and Chris made friends with Ashley Phillips after Chris and Ashley ended up fighting in the Music department (and their form room later on). The three have remained friends ever since, and remain friends to this day. Daniel and Chris can be found sometimes at dinner time in the library. He likes chocolate, hates maths and randomly says made-up words. he enjoys making sexual innuendos, nothing is too dirty for Dan. Also has an amusing way of slapping his thigh. He now currently resides in the schools ever popular sixth form

He is one of the members of the music/dance duo, Apple and Grape, with him being apple and Kieron Moore being Grape. The song goes something like "Apple and Grape, Apple and Grape" repeatedly to a dance of pelvic thrusts.

Tried to audition for Stars On The Rise with his infamous "Donkey in a tree" but failed the audition.

Is known by a huge variety of nicknames:

  • apple (his fruity name in the apple and grape duo)
  • Random niose maker
  • Peebles (for reasons unknown, but given by Chris.)
  • Cousin It (for looking like the member of the Adams family when all dan's hair was brushed over his face and a pair of glasses placed no his nose.) This has been temoprarily assigned to adam Petterson



"Donkey in A Tree. OI!"

"ermmmmmm..Atticus loves Scout...ermmmmmm

Ms Strickland: "Brilliant Daniel, A*"