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If you are interested in becoming an Admin or a Developer, please contact
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to register your interest with the bureaucrats. Please include what year you are in and anything special you could add to the wiki. One of the bureaucrats may send you an invite, via email, when more administrators are needed or if a specific role can be filled in the site.

These are a few of the qualities we look for. It is not an exhaustive checkbox-style list.

Good Things

  • Many good edits
  • High quality of posts - good standard of English etc
  • On the wiki regularly
  • Made a positive contribution to the wiki
  • Following all of the rules, and generally leading by example

Bad Things

Being an Admin brings with it a large amount of responsibility in terms of setting an example. You must be committed, impartial and capable of enforcing the rules as correctly and fairly as is practical. Admin status does not last for life; if you abuse this privilege your status will be revoked!